Biz Math How to revolutionize the way that you make business decisions.

Would your business benefit from Biz Math?

Certainly. Any business can benefit from application of the Biz Math methodology. It is applicable to all industries; manufacturer, retailer or services company.

Size does not matter. All businesses; small, medium and large can benefit.

Biz Math is intuitive to apply. It is informative and addresses only the information that business decision-makers need to know.

There are just seven key numbers utilized in Biz Math.

There are just three key questions that need to be answered by management when deciding product prices and production volumes.

Working Capital and Valuation

Allows you to monitor Trading Working Capital and changes in the value of your business.

Graphical Presentation

Changes in profitability displayed as price, volume, productivity and inflation are tweaked.

No installation needed

For just US$29 plus postage you can acquire a unique, plug’n play software tool and the know how to avoid the most common pitfalls threatening businesses and ensure that sales generate profits.

Did you know?

Around 1% of businesses suffer catastrophic failure and bankruptcy each year. But that is not the full story. Over the life of a business only 40% are profitable, 30% break even and 30% lose money.

Even more revealing is the indication that 90% of business failures are due to management error. Avoidable mistakes are being made due to failure to apply some basic math.